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The Author

The book-jacket version...
Susan Carlton was born in San Francisco, although (regrettably) she did not come of age in the hippie era. The author of the teen novel Lobsterland and a writer for magazines, including Self, Elle, and Mademoiselle, she currently lives in Hanover, New Hampshire and teaches at Boston University. Her college-aged daughters know all the lyrics to Baba O'Riley.

The longer version...
I grew up in San Francisco and its suburbs. I wished I could say I grew up a hippie and lived in an adventurously painted Victorian in the Haight, but I was born a decade too late (among other limitations). I left San Francisco at 17 and have never moved back. That alone was a good reason to set a book in San Francisco—it justified a visit or six.

I went to college in Oregon, was a political junkie (an intern in the White House), and was named one of Glamour magazine's Top Ten College Women, which netted me a job as a "rover" at Self magazine. From there I got a graduate degree in Journalism from Columbia University. For a very brief time, I thought I'd be a serious reporter like my fellow classmates. It didn't take long to realize that I preferred to make things up.

My husband and I have two amusing and good-natured daughters, even though we've moved them up and down the East Coast (four states, six schools). We now live in Hanover, New Hampshire. We all like it here and think we'll stay.

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