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Book Clubs

Three reasons Love and Haight makes a good Book Club Pick:

Love and Haight

The novel helps jump-start a conversation about feminism, friendship, sex, love, and also abortion, the last taboo in YA lit.

It's timely: While the landmark Roe v. Wade decision on abortion is 40-plus years old, there are new challenges to a woman's right to choose in the courts and in the legislature. One for instance: In 2016, a law in North Carolina requires doctors to send the state (the state!) an ultrasound image of any woman who seeks an abortion after sixteen weeks of pregnancy.

There is swag to be had. If you're interested in bookmarks, buttons or such, give me a ping. If you're interested in having me join the conversation—either in person or on the interwebs—let me know that, too.

A Book Club Guide to Love and Haight (pdf)