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Links & Such

Hippie things...

Check out some groovy images and inspration for Love and Haight on this Pinterest board.

A great first-hand account from a once and future hippie, including a map of what-was-where in the Haight, a bibliography of psychedelics, and a trippy Timothy Leary memorial.

Archival clip of the 70s-tastic nude relay at my old high school—no nudity on this clip, sorry to say.


Voices on choice...

An awesome blog from Michael Hulshof-Schmidt, a former and favorite teacher of one of my daughters. "The term pro-life is just a spin and myth! ...Many people who are pro-choice are equally pro-life; one does not preclude the other."

The facts on birth control, body image, LGBTQ questions. Forget the haters—Planned Parenthood is a wonderful resource for teen women, all women.

This women's health group started with twelve women who wrote a 35-cent booklet with honest information about sexuality. Forty years later, the group has a big anniversary coming up—and a new edition of their everywoman guide, Our Bodies, Ourselves.